News from Kansas City Nationals

The Grossack boys continue to do very well at the National bridge tournaments. Zach and his 21-year-old Swedish partner Mikael Rimstedt won the Silodor Open Pairs by a wide margin on Friday. Adam played with Mikael's brother Ola and finished third.  A link to the daily bulletin from Kansas City covering the event is here.

Earlier in the week, Zach and Adam played together in the Platinum Pairs, which is probably the toughest pair event of the year. While they did not win the event, they led with one session to go before dropping to fifth at the end.  This is a very impressive result against a field of the strongest players in the world.

In other news, Pat McDevitt and Sheila Gabay led the Mixed Pairs with one session to go before finishing eighth.  Lloyd Arvedon has had several top ten showings over the week.  

Congratulations to all our competitors!

Upcoming Events in April

The District is sponsoring three regional events in April, as are listed in the "Upcoming Events" on the right hand side of this page. The events overlap to some degree and eligibility to play in some of them is restricted by age or master point holdings. In the interest (hopefully) of clarity, here's what's going on:

The annual "Rainbow Weekend" will be held in Sturbridge on April 21-23. This is an event targeted at newer players, generally non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 points. On the last two days of this event, in the same venue, will be the Grand National Teams Flights A, B, and C. These events are also restricted to players with certain numbers of master points (up to 6000 in Flight A). See the flyers, available by clicking the event on the right, for details.

The following weekend features the Keohane Senior Regional and the Cape Cod Open Sectional. The Senior Regional is open to "seniors" -- people born before January 1, 1959. There will be simultaneous sectionally rated games open to people of all ages.

On the weekend of the Senior Regional, in the same venue, will be the Open Flight of the Grand National Teams. This event is open to everyone, regardless of age or master point holding.

In short, there is something for all levels coming up in the next few weeks and it should be a lot of fun for everyone.
Winter Sectional Results

The results are in for the Winter Sectional. Results can be found here.

May "Learn Bridge in a Day" Scheduled
"Learn Bridge in a Day" is scheduled for May 7 at Temple Reyim in Newton.  The flyer describing the event is here.

Thanks, once again, to Lisa Procter for organizing the event and Adam Parrish for teaching.  This the fourth installment of program.  If you have some time that day, they can use volunteers.  Please see the flyer.

Quick Trick Newsletter for First Quarter, 2017

The Quick Trick Newsletter - a summary of what's going on in EMBA in the next few months - is available here.

EMBA Election Results

The results of the EMBA Elections were announced at the Holiday Sectional. The President for the coming year is Bob McCaw and the Vice President and head of the Tournament Committee is Luke Gillespie. For a complete list of officers and board members, please check the "Who's Who" tab on the left or click here.

If you haven't served on the Board, please consider doing so in the future. It's a great opportunity to give back to the game we all love.

Holiday Tournament Results

Attendance was great at the EMBA Holiday Tournament. Thanks to all who participated.

The big winners of the weekend were Maxim Siline and Carrie Xiaoqian Liu, who won the two-session Bill Hunter Cup pairs on Saturday, and then, with teammates Carole Weinstein and Luke Gillespie, won the Flight A/X Swiss on Sunday.  Thanks to Tim Hill for this photo of Sunday's winners.


For complete results of the tournament in "leaderboard" format, please click here. Complete details, including recaps and hand records, are here.