EMBA Flighted Championship Saturday August 2, 2014 10AM-2:30 PM- Info here
Dont Miss the chance to win your flight in the EMBA Championship, held yearly in August this 2 session event is the premiere event of the year!

Friday Evening August 1, "8 is Enough" Team Game 7:30- Dont Miss it!
This is a great opportunity to meet new players, while playing with your regular partner. 2 A players will play with 2 C players at the other table while 4 B players can play together as a team! Flight A Players test your teaching and/or handicapping skills and get a top C pair for this event.
Partnership and teammate help is available! Flight C can play together as a team as Flight C.


IMPORTANT Message for EMBA players!
It is time to volunteer!
We are in desperate need of volunteers to help with hospitality for the next several tournaments. Guidance is available to you as well as some short-term helpers. Immediate need is for the August 1-3 tournament. At this point we have no one to “host” the event. If no volunteer comes forward the hospitality and player experience will surely suffer.
It is time to volunteer!
This is critical to the running of the tournament, the host receives a small stipend for their time and effort, and they are needed desperately not just for this event but for the next year also.
It is time to volunteer!
If you love this game and are part of our unit this message is for you.
It is time to volunteer!
Please contact Bob Bertoni bob@mhzcomputer.com or David Aronson vicepresident@acblemba.org
What time is it?....
Nifty 150 Updated

STaC Results are posted Here

A wild hand at Nashua Regional with a great system from Stephen Gladyszak.
Read the story Here

Volunteer to help at the NABC in Providence Nov27-Dec7 2014 - We NEED YOU

EMBA Help Wanted!

The Joys of Bridge Meet the Enthusiasm of Youth
The joys of duplicate bridgewere shared with 34 youth players at the Watertown sectional on Saturday, April 5.
Overall winners, the top three of whom received trophies and many of whom were registering their first ever master points, were:
1.  Nadav Hoitash – Boden Pollack, Newton, MA
2.  Jack Donaghue, East Longmeadow, MA – Joel Metcalf, Newton, MA
3.  Hannah Liu – Jonathan Liu, Newton, MA
4.  Hannah Robinson, Durham, NH – Samuel Johnson, Lee, NH
5.  Ari Blumkin – Alex Ivanov, Newton, MA
The participants are students of school bridge club coaches Lisa Allison (Durham, NH school), Maureen Fahey (East Greenwich, RI school), Jeff Lehman (Newton, MA school), and Bob Derrah (East Longmeadow, MA school) and several at-home parent and grandparent teachers, who are motivated by sharing their passion for the great game of bridge with a younger generation of players.
Costs of the tournament, and support for efforts to expand youth bridge in New England, are funded by the charitable organization, New England Youth Bridge, Inc.  Over the last year and a half, New England Youth Bridge, Inc. has paid for approximately 30 ACBL youth memberships.  Please see the article that follows for more about New England Youth Bridge, Inc.

Wanted: More Youth Bridge Groups
How can you help?
If you know of a school faculty member or other school-connected individual who would help recruit students to learn to play bridge, New England Youth Bridge, Inc. (NEYB) will assist by supplying lesson plans and – if you do not want to teach the students yourself – by recruiting a bridge player to teach the lessons.  Just contact a board member of NEYB (names are listed below) to talk about how to proceed.
NEYB is a tax exempt charitable organization.  NEYB, which charges no fees for teaching youth to play bridge, offers not only lesson plans, teaching tips, cards, boards, and bidding boxes, but also, as necessary, financial assistance to help the youth bridge club succeed.
NEYB board members are Adam Parrish, Murthy Ayyagari, Pam Miller, Jeff Lehman, Jim Rasmussen, Lisa Allison, and Adam Grossack.
EMBA Friday/Saturday KO MAY 30--31 - Join us on Friday Night for the KO- EMBA Premiere event. This event is Stratiflighted Flight A - Open , Flight B is No PLAYER OVER 2500.


Are you interested in helping EMBA continue to provide the best bridge experiences in New England?  We have a couple of "Openings"!

Quick Trick Editor
We are looking for someone to take over editing our quarterly newsletter, Quick Trick.  You will be responsible for page layout and coordination with the printer and website.  There is a stipend available for this position.  You should be familiar with desktop publishing software.

EMBA Board Member
We are a volunteer organization with a Board of Directors who set our policies and do a lot of the work.  We also have a lot of fun as we give back our efforts to EMBA.  Board members serve a three year term.  We have four meeting each year and each member works on an area of interest including hosting tournaments, newcomer programs, hospitality and tournament planning.  The next three year terms start in January and the election is this Fall.   If you live for from our meetings (the Cape for instance) we have recently enabled members to attend our meetings over the Internet via Skype.  So don't let distance stop you if you want to help!

If you are interested in either position, or would like more information please contact Dean at president@acblemba.org.

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