Holiday Tournament Features Pro-Am Event

The EMBA Holiday Sectional is almost upon us! It features a Pro-Am game on Friday night, a special event where non-Life Masters (ams) are paired up with Life Masters (pros). If you would like help arranging a partnership, please contact Stuart Whittle at or 781-894-2645. For more information, please click here.

EMBA Youth on the National Stage

EMBA's own Harrison Luba was recently written up in Frank Stewart's nationally syndicated column for making an impossible 3NT. Another young local player, Alex Frieden, is the head of a bridge club at Carleton College.

North American Pairs Results
The North American Pairs is a yearly competition where local pairs qualify to compete in a special tournament in the Spring Nationals.  Congratulations to qualifiers for the spring 2018 National tournament in Philadelphia!  Here are this year's winners:

Flight A:

Adam & Zachary Grossack
James Streisand & Walter Lee
Robert Lavin & Harold Feldheim

Flight B:

Jack Mahoney & Dan Morgenstern
Ajit Pai & Venky Venkataramani
Kenneth Leopold & Felix Springer
Reid Barton & Michael Lieberman

Flight C:

Arthur Keefe & Jon Kasdan
Paul Durda & Saul Franklin
Skip Page & James Hickey
Keith Kimball & Susan Lincoln

Full results are here for flights B and C and here for flight A.

Watertown Sectional Results
Congratulations to winners in our Watertown sectional, held October 6-8!

Friday night open pairs: Mark & Susan Aquino
Saturday morning open pairs: Peter Clay & Paul Harris
Saturday morning 299er pairs: Rob Jones & Thomas Shea
Saturday afternoon open pairs: Joyce Regan & Terry Byrne
Saturday afternoon 299er pairs: Viswanath Khaitan & Lawrence Foley
Sunday open Swiss: Margie Sullivan, Steve Rzewski, Alan Watson, & Luke Gillespie
Sunday 299er Swiss: Paul Durda, Viswanath Khaitan, Henry Shulman, & Mark Greenberg

Full results are here.

Cape Cod Sectional

Congratulations to the Cape Cod Sectional winners! Full results can be found here.