Who's Who in EMBA - 2017

President Bob Bertoni president@acblemba.org
Vice President Bob McCaw vicepresident@acblemba.org
Secretary Carolyn Weiser embasec@acblemba.org
Treasurer Linda Robinson embatreasurer@acblemba.org
Board Members
  David Aronson  
  Maureen Bitler  
  Frederick Brown  
  Steve Diamond  
  Valerie Fleischer  
  Paul Harris  
  Peter Lombardo  
  Brenda Montague  
  Neil Montague  
  Lisa Procter  
  Ashok Rao  
  Stan Richmond  
  Jan Smola  
  Carole Weinstein  
Committee Chairs and Other Posts    
Newcomers and Membership Lisa Procter  
Publicity TBA  
Webmaster Open Please Apply webmaster@acblemba.org
Recorder Dean Panagopolous  
Tournaments Luke Gillespie  
Election Committee Steve Diamond  
Finance Stan Richmond  
Conduct and Ethics Neil Montague  
Educational Liaison Jan Smola