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The District Presidential Regional will be held in Sturbridge, MA this year February, 11-16 2020.

One of the greatest of the EMBA Volunteers, Rich Stevens, resigned this week. Most bridge players probably do not know his name, but the club managers and club owners do, as he was the man who did the “Games in EMBA” for Quick Trick, when it was still in print form, and up until today, on line.

 His job expanded and he never complained. He was always there to help EMBA in any way he could. He even took over the website for a time.

 As Rich said, most of the clubs now have their own websites and publish their own schedules there. Fewer and fewer, use the EMBA website to list their Special Games.  

This week Rich Stevens has decided to resign from his position as Quick Trick Calendar Coordinator, a position he held for almost 20 years. In 2009, he received the Bobby Jardine Service award for his, then, many years as the editor of  "Games in EMBA".  I will miss him, EMBA will miss him, and all the players who never knew all he did but reaped the benefits of his work, will miss him.