EMBA Election Information

Election for EMBA officers and board members will be held during October, 2019, voting online at acblemba.org.
EMBA members in good standing may vote. Members not having access to the internet may request a paper ballot from:
     EMBA Secretary
     36 Cambridge Road, Unit 17
     Woburn, MA 01801 

Requests for paper ballots must be postmarked on or before September 15, 2019.  

            Officers: (Elected for a one year term; * = incumbent)

            President - Paul Harris
            Vice President - Steven Diamond
            Treasurer- Linda Robinson*
            Secretary - Carolyn Weiser*
           Board: (The membership will be electing seven for a three year term; * = incumbent) 

David Aronson*
Bob Bertoni*
Cathy Cooper
Selen Hotamisligil*
Joanne Megna-Wallace
Sabrina Miles
Brenda Montague*
Allen Nitschelm
Jan Smola*
Rosemary Tator