Newcomer’s Information

Welcometo the Newcomer’s information page of EMBA’s web site.

A list of special newcomer club games in Eastern Massachusetts can be found here.  Lessons are available in many of the clubs. 
We strive to give you pertinent information to help you learn and enjoy the game of bridge. Please check the individual listings for more information. 

Find a Teacher – Personal instruction is a great way to learn and meet other bridge players.  Click here to find a teacher in the area.

Club Information – We have many clubs in the area that offer newcomer games, supervised play and group lessons. 

How to Play Bridge – Are you interested in the game?  Click here to read a summary on how the game is played.

Commonly Used Conventions – Click here for a list and description of the most commonly used conventions. 

What is Duplicate Bridge – Duplicate is a competitive form of bridge.  Click this link for a description.

Tournament Information – Understand the different terminology and different games that are offered at the local games, sectionals, regionals and Nationals.

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